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The Cure

A documentary film, work-in-progress
Garage scientist Anthony Holland believes he can cure cancer with electric frequencies. And he's been given the keys to a top-notch cancer lab to prove it. But when he starts getting unexpectedly astounding results, basic questions of science, collaboration and friendship are tested in the search for the truth.
  • Synopsis

    When chemotherapy was introduced as a treatment for cancer in the 1940’s, hopes were high that a cure for mankind’s deadliest disease was just around the corner. Seventy years later, billions of dollars and countless hours of research have yielded virtually no progress towards a cure.  Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide.  Each year the death toll rises and at this rate, it is estimated that 30 million people worldwide will succumb to this disease in the year 2030.

    But legend has it that the cure for cancer was discovered and brazenly destroyed over 70 years ago. In the 1930’s Dr. Royal Rife invented a device which used simple radio frequencies to create standing waves within the cells of disease-causing organisms, effectively shattering the organisms like an opera singer shatters a wine glass with her voice. It was an exciting discovery and it was followed by a clinical trial in which Rife cured 16 terminal cancer patients. These were patients who were given almost no chance of survival.

    Upon hearing of the success of this treatment, the director of the American Medical Association, Dr. Morris Fishbein, requested to be a primary shareholder in Rife’s company. Cautiously, Rife distrusted Fishbein and he rebuffed his courtship. In anger, Fishbein swore he would destroy Rife and his technology. Five years and countless lawsuits later, Rife would be a destitute alcoholic, his technology destroyed and discredited.

    Fast-forward seventy years to upstate New York where Anthony Holland is a music professor and composer with a passion for fencing and scuba diving.  He has zero formal science training but has somehow managed to rebuild one of Rife’s lost devices.  And after hundreds of hours of painstaking attempts to get this machine to work, he miraculously kills protozoa and other microorganisms.

    Now convinced that Rife’s story is for real, Anthony Holland has set his sights, and his device, on real live cancer cells.  With the help of a former music student who happens to run an internationally recognized pancreatic cancer lab, Anthony has been granted access to the facilities at prestigious Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  Armed with nothing but boundless energy, determination, and his makeshift “miracle” machine, The Cure is a film about a garage scientist’s nearly obsessive quest to challenge the medical establishment, vindicate Royal Rife and find the cure for cancer.

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