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The Cure

A documentary film, work-in-progress
Garage scientist Anthony Holland believes he can cure cancer with electric frequencies. And he's been given the keys to a top-notch cancer lab to prove it. But when he starts getting unexpectedly astounding results, basic questions of science, collaboration and friendship are tested in the search for the truth.
  • About the Filmmakers

    Gabriel Rhodes, Director:

    Gabriel Rhodes is both an editor and a filmmaker. His work has premiered at Sundance and Cannes - among many other festivals – and has aired on Sundance Channel, A&E, CNN and PBS. His theatrical documentary credits include Control Room, My Kid Could Paint That and most recently, The Tillman Story. In 2011, two of his edited films (The Tillman Story & Quest for Honor) were shortlisted for the Academy Awards. His commercial clients include Conde Nast, Google, Virgin America, YouTube, Harper Collins and Revlon. In 2004, he was awarded a fellowship from the New York State Council for the Arts. He received his Master’s Degree in Documentary Film from Stanford University in 2000.

    Justin Adler, Producer:

    Justin Adler has been a writer and producer of network television for more than a decade.  Most recently he was Co-Executive Producer of ABC’s Better Off Ted, and Consulting Producer of Samantha Who, starring Christina Applegate.  He has written numerous half-hour comedy pilots for NBC, CBS, ABC, and most recently FOX.  He started his career as an assistant on HBO’s Emmy winning The Larry Sanders Show.

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